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Traditional themes find stylish and contemporary expression in the intricate line of HALINHTHU clothing for women. By applying detailed craftsmanship to a wide range of exquisite original designs, every garment achieves a fine balance between daring innovation and effortless comfort.

Our custom-made and ready-to-wear product lines are hand-stitched for superior quality, so the spirit of each design shines through to the wearer. We use premium quality silk and other fabrics to achieve sublime levels of comfort and visual effect. At HALINHTHU, we believe that every outfit reflects the quality and care of each step from initial design to the final embellishment.

This selection of featured HALINHTHU clothing includes bridal, formal and evening dresses, coats and performing costumes, as well as more casual offerings of light summer trousers, shirts and skirts for everyday wear. No matter the occasion, our clothing line offers unparalleled quality through a range of bold and visionary styles.

The graceful feeling that accompanies each item in the HALINHTHU catalogue comes from the way it naturally complements the delicate shape of the female form. Every design is imagined as an extension of the female body, bringing an indescribably satisfying sensation to the wearer. In every way, HALINHTHU clothing just feels right.

For those seeking an extra dimension of luxury, HALINHTHU’s vision of quality living now extends beyond clothing, recognizing that true well-being begins at home. That’s why HALINHTHU has launched its line of home décor products, including its line of hand-stitched pillow cases. Made from the finest velvet, silk and chiffon, these gorgeous designs are the product of expert quilting, draping, crocheting and patchwork. With layers of detail woven through each piece, these pillow cases are a true pleasure to touch and to admire.

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