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Ha Linh Thu Clothing & Lifestyle Store Now Open in Hanoi

HALINHTHU has brought an entirely new kind of shopping experience to Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter. Visitors will be treated to a dazzling visual display in the timeless traditions of Vietnamese storytelling and decoration.

The museum-like quality of the lighting and room arrangement creates a unique ambiance that reaches above and beyond the selection of women’s clothing lines, accessories and luxury handicrafts that have made HALINHTHU the country’s most innovative and distinctive brand in fashion design.

With an internal layout made to resemble an ancient Vietnamese house, and each room filled with carefully selected and complementary decorations, the new Hanoi location offers an entirely immersive cultural experience for locals and expats alike. Bringing together traditional wines and teapots, hanging scrolls and banners with Chinese calligraphy, religious and literary artifacts, as well as HALINHTHU products designed in homage to generations past, the store is a living reminder that everything old is indeed new again.

At HALINHTHU, we believe that wearing the perfect outfit is only part of a completely fulfilling lifestyle. The new store in Hanoi is a shining example of the Vietnamese concept of the ultimate “silk and velvet life”, as visitors will find gorgeous hand-made blankets, pillow cases, table runners, handicrafts and more, letting them surround themselves at home with the finest craftsmanship available.

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