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Beautifully tailored women’s clothing from HALINHTHU brings together a new level of character and sophistication in the modern Vietnamese woman, using premium fabrics to elegantly accentuate the natural curves of the female form.

Bold and visionary designs, both modern and traditional, are brought to life in this celebrated collection of garments, precisely cut in our ready-to-wear and custom tailored lines. Smooth, lustrous silk and velvet achieve an effortless level of comfort and charm throughout our line of dresses, coats, shirts and light summer trousers for everyday wear.

Our superb selection of luxury clothing for women and girls brought international attention to HALINHTHU, and now our designers have created a magnificent line of home décor products as well. Our new line of hand-stitched pillow cases, gorgeously crafted with layers of detail, are a true pleasure to touch and admire.

For the truly sophisticated modern woman, HALINHTHU’s stylish selection provides unparalleled quality in women’s clothing.

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